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Why IRV in NY?

New York does not have a recent history of strong third-party candidates splitting the vote and “spoiling” an election.  However, that possibility exists in every single election, and instead of waiting until it happens, we should adopt the fairest, most democratic voting system available– now.

2009 may be an especially notable year for vote-splitting in New York.  If Mayor Bloomberg runs for reelection as an independent against Democratic and Republican challengers, we’ll have three major candidates for mayor for the first time in decades.  It is very likely that whoever wins will receive less than 50%, and may not be the true choice of most New Yorkers.

IRV would especially help New York in primary elections.  Currently, if no candidate receives at least 40% in an NYC primary election, the city holds a second-round runoff.  This usually takes place for at least one position every four years.  These runoffs cost the city over $10 million and usually suffer from reduced voter turnout.  We advocate IRV for NY elections overall, but especially for NYC primary elections, where the second round could be eliminated by doing it all in a single step– an instant runoff.



1. Maria - April 15, 2009

Another questions…..how do you handle when too many people are running for the same position?

District 14 has at least 8 people running.

2. irvnyc - April 15, 2009

We haven’t gotten around to District 14 yet, but soon!

Regardless of how many people are running, we’ll attempt to contact all of them about their stance on IRV.

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