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City Council Special Elections Won By Non-Majority Winners March 9, 2009

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On February 24th, New York City held special elections for three vacant City Council seats.  Special elections are non-partisan, and each candidate makes up his or her own one-time party label, usually leading to a crowded field.

In all three elections, the winner received under 50% of the vote– and in one case, the vote was so close that the final winner has yet to be determined.  Instant runoff voting would have guaranteed majority winners and prevented the still-ongoing confusion.

In the 49th District (Staten Island), Ken Mitchell, a Democrat running under the “Experience Now” label, apparently received the most votes, with about 39.88%.  The runner-up, Debi Rose, a Democrat running under the “Debi Rose” label, received about 37.64%, separated by only a few hundred votes out of thousands.  Recounts are underway to determine who officially won.

Whoever wins, he or she will have received under 40% of the vote, and cannot claim a majority victory.  There were four other candidates, and with instant runoff voting, their votes would have been redistributed.  This would have led to a clear winner between Mitchell and Rose, and would have shown us which of those two candidates is preferred by most voters.

In the 21st District (Queens), Julissa Ferreras, a Democrat running under the “United We Can” label, won with about 45.80%.  The runner-up, Francisco P. Moya, a Democrat running under the “Yes We Can” label, received about 24.73%.

In the 32nd District (Queens), Eric A. Ulrich, a Republican running under the “People First” label, won with about 45.73%.  The runner-up, Lew Simon, a Democrat running under the “Good Government” label, received about 33.84%.